For Sale Privately

3 Dexter Heifers born May 2015

Please contact Oliver Shearman 07730 046252


For Sale Privately

40 Cross Ewes with 70 Beltex X Suffolk Lambs, 6/7 weeks old

60 Cross Ewes with 100 Beltex X Suffolk Lambs, 5/6 weeks old

Please contact Ally Logan 07713 342514


Saturday 28th May 2016
The Central Scotland Shetland Pony Group Spring Show 
to be held at
Caledonian Marts, Stirling FK7 7LS
9.30 am start

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THURSDAY 26th MAY 2016 

192 CATTLE 192
Prime Bullocks Averaged – 191p
Prime Heifers Averaged – 201p
Beef Cows Averaged – 111p 
Dairy Cows Averaged – 90p
Young Bulls Averaged – 158p 

Caledonian Marts Ltd sold 192 Cattle, comprising of 106 Prime Bullocks, Heifers & Young Bulls, 8 OTM Cattle & 78 Cast Cows & Bulls. 

All classes of cattle short of requirements which resulted in an excellent trade throughout, with many heavy bullocks selling well in excess of any deadweight prices being offered at present!! Support your live market as we can take beasts 52 weeks a year at any weight and grade – unlike the deadweight centres. 

Bullocks sold to 238ppkg (three times) for two Limousins from A S Hay, Mains of Cultmalundie, Tibbermore and a British Blue from W Dandie & Sons, Learielaw, Broxburn, purchased by Richard Johnston, 6-8 Cow Wynd, Falkirk and G Kirk & Son, 30 Stirling Road, Denny and to £1642.20 from Learielaw. 

Heifers topped at 245ppkg for a Limousin from A S Hay, Mains of Cultmalundie, Tibbermore, to M/s Hastie, Butcher, Markinch and to £1548 from Learielaw to H A Black & Sons, Butcher, Lanark & Armadale. 

Bulls sold to 202ppkg for a Limousin from I W Brisbane, South Woodlane, Blairdrummond and to £1658.88 from R Graham & Son, Airthrey Kerse, Bridge of Allan to Malcolm Allan Ltd, Falkirk. 

Leading Prices:-
Bullock ppkg:- 222p Seggarsdean
218P Bankhead (Wishart)
210p Rathillet, West Woodlane, Cander Mains, Westown & Learielaw
205p Greencraig & Seggarsdean
Heifer ppkg:- 238p + 225p Learielaw & Lochfield
222p + 220p West Woodlane & Cander Mains
218p Bankhead
212p + 210p Craigend & Rathillet
208p (twice) Rathillet
Bullock/head:- £1495 Learielaw
£1485 Mains of Cultmalundie
£1461 Easterton
£1454 Auchmuir
£1432 Seggarsdean
£1420 Auchmuir
£1410 + £1398 Greencraig
£1395 + £1384 Rathillet
£1374 Dullomuir
Heifer/head:- £1509 Mains of Cultmalundie
£1490 Learielaw
£1447 Auchmuir
£1372 Cander Mains
£1343 + £1340 Rathillet
£1290 Bankhead 

Young Bulls:-
£1368 West Carse
£1288 + £1235 South Woodlane
£1281 Mains of Throsk 

Beef Cows sold to 146ppkg for a Limousin from I W Brisbane& Son, South Woodlane, Blairdummond and to £1010 for the same beast. 

Dairy Cows sold to 128ppkg from T Murray, Howfold, Blairingone and to £880 from W Hamilton & Sons, Meldrum, Blairdrummond. 

Leading Prices:- 
Beef Cow ppkg:- 131p Drum
129p Auchlyne
128p Lochfield
126p + 124p Wright Park
123p Gartlea
Beef Cow/head:- £910 Drum
£860 Lochfield
£840 Wright Park
£780 Drum & Auchlyne
£770 Wright Park
Dairy Cow ppkg:- 124p Howfold
110p Summerhouse & Badenheath
110p, 104p + 103p Meldrum
103p Scriob-Rhuadh
102p Meikle Finnery
Dairy Cow/head:- £790 Meikle Finnery
£780 Summerhouse
£720 Badenheath, Howfold + Meldrum
£710 Meldrum 

Calves (18) sold to £330 for a Simmental X Bull Calf from A Ferguson, Kinburn, Braco. Dairy Bull Calves (6) averaged £35, selling to £40 from G W Paterson, Barbeth, Cumbernauld. Beef Bull Calves (7) averaged £285 and Heifers (5) averaged £225, selling to £260 from G Paterson, Barbeth, Cumbernauld.



TUESDAY 24th MAY 2016  

CALEDONIAN MARTS LTD, (Tuesday 24th May 2016) Sold 1499 Sheep, comprising of 89 Spring Lambs, 1021 Prime Hoggets and 389 Cast Ewes & Tups. 

Spring lambs sold to £106 for a Beltex x from DS & RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Muthill, and to 240ppkg for a Texel from E Hamilton & Partners, Gilmeadowland, Linlithgow. Overall SQQ average for 89 lambs was 213.24ppkg (+2.89 on the week).

Other Leading Prices:-
Per Head:- £105 Easter Ochtermuthill (Bel X) & Gilmeadowland (Tex)
£103 Craiglaw (Tex) & Mid Rottearns (Char)
£102 Gilmeadowland (Tex) & Balhelvie (Char)
£101 Balhelvie (Suff)
£99 Balhelvie & Mid Rottearns (Suff) 
Per Kg:- 239p + 236p Easter Ochtermuthill (Bel X)
232p Meikle Seggie (Tex)
231p, 229p + 227p Craiglaw (Tex)
224p Balhelvie (Suff)
223p Easter Ochtermuthill (Bel X) & Gilmeadowland (Tex)
222p Balhelvie (Char)

Hoggets sold to £103 for a pen of Cheviots from R Bell & Partners, Craigo, Milnathort, and to 187p for pen of Texels from R Downie, Newton of Crathie, Ballater. Overall SQQ average for 1021 hoggs was 164.52ppkg (+3.12p on the week).

Other Leading Prices:- 
Per Head:- £102 Meikle Seggie (Bel)
£100 Craigo (Chev)
£97 Newton (Tex)
£94 Wharlawhill (Tex) & Kypeburn (Cross)
£92 Meikle Seggie (Tex) & Wharlawhill (Cross)
£90 Wharlawhill, Busses & Tippet Craig (Tex)
£88.50 Wester Pirleyhill (Tex)
£88 Busses (Suff)
Per Kg:- 185p Meikle Seggie (Bel)
184p Craigo (Chev) & Wharlawhill (Tex)
182p Craigo (Chev)
181p Kypeburn (Cross) & Newton (Tex)
180p Meikle Seggie & Wharlawhill (Tex)
179p Whitecross (Tex)
177p Wester Pirleyhall (Tex) & Graystale and South Park (Chev)

All classes of ewes were easier on the week, with 380 ewes averaging £54.04 (-£12.61), selling to £143 for a pen of Suffolk X’s from R & J Kinnaird, Findatie, Scotlandwell. 85 Heavy Ewes averaged £64.29 and 186 Export Ewes averaged £50.38. 6 Tups averaged £92.83, selling to £140 for a Suffolk from W S Dalgleish, Parks of Garden, Arnprior.

Other Leading Prices:- 
Tex:- £132 Gilmeadowland
£115 Whitecross
£108 Tippet Craig
£107 Findatie
£103 Balachallan
£98 Gilmeadowland & Balachallan
BFL:- £108 Inverdunning
Chev:- £68 Findatie
£67 Waterloo Drive
£65 Graystale
£61 Waterloo Drive
£60 Victoria
Suff:- £77 Meikle Seggie
£74 Greystale
£54 Shankhead & Redburn
Cross:- £74 Balachallan
£73 Inverdunning
£72 Shankhead & Meikle Seggie
£71 Standingfauld & Powflats
Char:- £90 Airthrey Kerse
BF:- £70 + £67 West Tandlemuir
£64 Eorabus (Islay)
£58 Knoxfauld & High Dyke
£56 + £53 Graystale
£53 Inverdunning

£98 Graystale (Tex)
£90 Victoria (Bel)
£80 High Dyke (BF)
£77 West Tandlemuir (Tex)


MONDAY 23rd MAY 2016 

Stirling – Caledonian Marts Ltd sold 168 Breeding Cattle at their Show and Sale on Monday 23rd May 2016. 

An excellent show of heifers with calves at foot met a flying trade and many more could have been sold, Bulling Heifers were probably the best show for quality to be seen at this centre, were easily sold. In the Bull section, a mixed show on offer were hard to cash.

The Breeding Females were judged by Brian Harper, Greenwells, Falkirk and the following were his awards:-

Champion Heifer with Calf – a Limousin x British Blue from John McAlister, West Thomaston, Banknock sold at £5000 to Brian Harper.

Reserve Champion, again a Limousin x British Blue, this time from Craig Malone, Pitcairn, Cardenden, realised £4600.

Champion Pen of Bulling Heifers were Limousin x’s from A Kennedy & Sons, Seggarsdean, Haddington, and made £1450 to A Galbraith, Upper Kinneil, Linlithgow.

Other Leading Prices:-
Heifers with Calves at Foot:-
£3400, £3200 + £3000 West Thomaston
£3200 (twice), £3000 + £2600 Pitcairn
£2800 (three times) West Thomaston
£2150 Lower Killearnie
£2100 Langshaw
£1900 Parkhouse & Lower Greenyards

Cows with Calves at Foot:-
£1900 Lower Killearnie
£1800 Lower Greenyards & Langshaw
£1650 Kirklane & Over Hillhouse

Limousin Bulling Heifers:-
£1650 + £1400 Seggarsdean
£1600 + £1120 Lower Greenyards
£1450 + £1300 Parkhouse
£1400 + £1280 Over Hillhouse
£1100 Balgownie Mains & Ashmore Farms

The Bulls in today’s show were judged by Ian Cullens, Dollarbank, Dollar. Bulls sold to £4000 for a Limousin from R McCulloch, South Mid Frew, Thornhill, purchased by J Caskie, Kenaghair, Isle of Mull.

Other Leading Prices:-
Limousin x British Blue:- £2000 Laigh Borland
Simmental :- £1950 Wester Dullatur
Limousin:- £1700 Lower Killearnie
£1650 Cairnbog
Aberdeen Angus:- £1550 Mains of Boquhan


Next Auction


 MONDAY 30th MAY at 11.30am

400 CATTLE 400

Special Sale of Store Cattle and Young Bulls to include native breeds

Further details contact John Kyle – 07713 342512

Second special Sale of Hoggs and  Ewes with Lambs at Foot

Regular consignments of 200 Hoggets from Gibbleston, Woodend, Mains of Burnbank,  Airthrey Kerse, Meikle Seggie and Bankhead

Regular consignments of 400 Ewes from Lurgan, Carloonan, North Moorhouses, High Craigton and Kilwinnet.

Further details contact Alastair Logan – 07713 342514


FRIDAY 3rd JUNE at 10.30am (with small tools)


Present entries include:- McHale Bale Wrapper, Foster RS1700 Rotory Slasher (hardly used), 5’ Tomlin Topper, 8’ Teagle Topper, Watson Calf Feeder, Mobile Sheep Fank, 3L T.D Isuzu Pickup   (04 plate / 70k miles), 30 x 10’ Cattle Gates, Murray 4 Bale Carrier, 11 ton Horizontal Log Splitter, Echo 420 Bale Wrapper (only done 2500 bales) Ritchie 6 Bale transporter (only moved 400 bales), Claas Volto 770 Tedder (as new),  Marshall Trailer with Silage sides, Portequip Calf Feeder, Cattle Weigh Crate, Deutz 7’ 2 Drum Mower, Bateson 8’ Livestock Trailer, 2 Flat Bed Trailers, Plant Trailer, 14’ x 6’ Trailer, Claas Jaguar Forrest Harvester, Honda 350 Quad Bike, Snow Blowers, Stihl FS 410 Strimmer, Selection of Twin Wall Ducting, x30 Heras Fencing Panels.

Contact Alastair Logan - 07713342514

Oliver Shearman - 07730046252

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